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What Sets Us Apart

Rizen Machine brings over 13 years of hands-on machinery expertise to meet your most precise CNC production needs. 

Founded by shop veteran Frank Archuleta, our state-of-the-art facility utilizes the latest smart manufacturing technology manned by dedicated machinists and programmers. With experience operating 5-axis mills, live tooling lathes, Mastercam programming, and SolidWorks design, our team works smarter. 

Rather than just button-pushing code, our founder's 5+ years managing machine shops lends practical insight into achieving tighter tolerances in less time. We combine advanced Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) practices with real-world experience.  

The result? We rapidly deliver superior quality parts while saving customers time and cost. Our commitment to precision, efficiency, and service makes us leaders in advanced machining. Discover the Rizen Machine difference for your next project!

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