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Machines of Unmatched Performance

When it comes to delivering high-quality parts, we only use the best machines for our customers. By investing in advanced CNC equipment like the Haas VF-2SS Super Speed mills and ST-20 Series turning centers, we provide precision, speed, reliability, and overall value that is unmatched. Our customers can be confident knowing their parts are produced using world-class machining technology operated by our skilled staff. When quality matters, we use the best machines for superior results our customers can count on.


  • Precision: The rigid casting design provides stability for accurate machining, while top-quality Made in USA components hold tight tolerances. Parts show improved surface finishes and consistency.

  • Speed: With a more powerful 20HP spindle motor and ability to fit larger bar stock, the ST-20 makes quick work of complex parts. Faster cycle times get orders through production quicker.

  • Reliability: Built on a compact but sturdy footprint, the ST-20 Series delivers stable, repeatable output with less downtime or quality issues over extended unmanned shifts. Customers can count on consistent on-time order fulfillment.


  • Precision: The VF-2SS's 12,000 RPM high-performance spindle, paired with rapid movements up to 1,400 ipm, allows for meticulous machining while blazing through material quickly. Less vibration with faster cuts improves finish quality.

  • Speed: An inline direct-drive spindle paired with rapid traverse rates reduces cycle times significantly, taking seconds off complex operations. Fast tool changes via the side mount changer keep the spindle cutting more and waiting less.

  • Reliability: Built on Haas's sturdy machine frameworks with integrated components, the VF-2SS delivers consistent output and accuracy through lengthy unmanned production runs. Operators can count on the VF-2SS for unparalleled uptime.



  • 12" Monochrome CRT

  • Conversational Programming

  • EIA/ISO Input Function

  • Graphic Display

  • Helical Interpolation

  • Chip Conveyor (Right Side Exit)

  • Auto Tool Length Measurement

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